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A Sunday in Ulsan, Dec 4, 2011

by on December 5, 2011
My Ulsan Sunday Afternoon

This Sunday, Dec 4th 2011,  Justine Kim showed me around some sites in Ulsan I had not seen yet. Justine does a lot of work with the Ulju Culture & Art Center ( From Dec 5th to Dec 27th there is a Vincent  van Gogh parody exhibition and she showed me the preparation for the opening of the exhibit on Monday. Here are some pictures I took, I even gave Vincent his teddy bear back.


This is the Ulju-gun Cultural and Art Center. Full of activity with kids and parents and casual visitors.

Vincent had his very unique way with colors.

This tree shimmers with life and jumps out at you.

Here van Gogh looks so deadly serious. I wonder if he ever smiled ?

Did Vincent ever smile? He does look Ducth for sure.

Not even his favorite bear could make him smile.

OK let’s try the other bear.

Even this bear with his ...hanging out could not make him smile.

This was even more of a starry, starry night.

Starry, starry night. Are you humming that song by Don McLean?

This is one of my favorite paintings.

Did I look to long into some headlights? Are my contact lenses OK?

When I see this painting I think about a summer long, long time ago in the South of France. It was hot, we were young and France was far away from home.

The South of France.

Birds over field. Ravens in Ulsan?

Ravens in Ulsan or in France?

The scream is a painting by Edvard Munch. The Scream (also called The Cry) is from 1893, oil on cardboard 36 x 29 inches. Munch’s Scream is a frequently reproduced work in posters, and has taken on a symbolic, emotive quality. The Scream is recognized by everyone, even if they don’t know the artist’s name, and one can’t help but theorize about the meaning behind it. The Scandinavian artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944) studied in Oslo and Paris. Here we reveal for the first time why this person was screaming. This was discovered through an x-ray analysis of the painting. It turns out that a catholic priest doctored the painting, transforming it from a very funny one into a mysterious one.

The cry

This is really why he was screaming. X-ray analysis by Marc Madou.

Back to Vincent. This is a painting of my guesthouse at UNIST, South-Korea. I am very comfortable here.

Room 103, building 401, UNIST Guesthouse, Ulsan, South-Korea.

Close that window my hair is blowing out of frame.


Ok, put it back please.

And this one is one for the road.

My favorite places in Europe. With a beer on a terrace late at night.

From the Ulju-gun Cultural & Art Center we went to see the Rock (no not that one). This one:


Seonbawi. A white dragon used to live here.

This is very close to UNIST. The pavilion you see is called ‘Ibamjeong.’ I really wanted to see the famed ravens of Ulsan. In the winter there are thousands of them. Once I saw rows upon rows of them sitting on telephone wires. Here they are just sitting in a field of giant marshmallows.A famous crop in Ulju-gun.

Foreground: Ravens. Background: giant marshmallows.

As you know from previous posts my two favorite trees are the fever tree and the Ginkgo tree. The latter turns gorgeous yellow in the fall. There is an old and famous Ginkgo tree in Guryang-ri. This tree is said to be planted by Lee Jidae during the early Joseon dynasty. The tree was planted in 1453, is 22 m high and 12 meter in the belly. We were a bit too late as the tree had no more leaves left. Better luck next year.

Majestic 550 year old Ginkgo tree. See you next year with your yellow coat on.

To reach the famous Ginkgo tree you walk through a small farm village. These are my favorite pictures from a farm there. The farm seemed very old but so quaint like time had stood still here. A white dog was running around and people were tending to a cabbage patch (yes really).


A farm so close but yet so far from UNIST.

This is another picture from the same farm.

Looks like a picture from a cultural village (say Andong) but no it is right here in Ulsan.

Our final stop before dinner at Namaskar (see earlier posts) was in Taehwagang River Grand Park to see the Bamboo forest.

Walking towards the river and the Bamboo forest.

Here is a picture from inside the Bamboo forest.

Inside the Bamboo forest

My tour guide in Ulsan: Ms Justine Kim. Thanks.

Justine Kim in the Bamboo forest with the G4 iPod to find our way.

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