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Busan Museum of Modern Art- November 26, 2011.

by on November 27, 2011

This weekend we visited the Busan Musem of Modern Art ( . We took the  KTX (train 119) from Ulsan to arrive in Busan at 11:41am. Here is the group in a picture on the KTX platform in Ulsan.

KTX Ulsan

On our way to Busan with the KTX from Ulsan.

When we arrived in Busan station Christmas decorations were going up already. The man below is ready to put himself up on the cross.


Getting the cross ready in front of the Busan Station.

We then took the subway to go to the Museum. The museum is very impressive and nice artwork is surrounding the building. The featured exhibition was from Monet to Warhol. Unfortunately there were hardly any works from either. But the other displays were great. First we see the museum and then some nice pieces of art from around the building.


The Busan Museum of Modern Art.


The stumpy finger hand.

And on the stumpy fingers you see:

I like how these two "growths" blend.

Except for outside and inside the lobby you cannot take pictures. This wooden tower is in the Museum lobby.

Wood tower in Busan Museum of Modern Art lobby.

This is the logo of the museum.

Busan Museum of Modern Art LOGO

In the picture below I am sitting next to my official Korean tour guide.

My tour guide at the museum.

Rodrigo had flown in the night before from Switzerland and fell promptly asleep after cruising the museum.

Sleeping man in the museum. Everybody ignored him.

After the museum we went very briefly to the Haeundae-gu district to see the ‘Moontan Road Free Market’ that is held every Saturday from March 12 until November from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. exhibiting and selling artwork of local artists at the Haeweoljeong Pavilion on Dalmaji-gil. That was a bit of a disappointment as there were very few vendors. The view over the water is great though.

Free, flea market.

You can find the Free Flea market by asking for this pavilion.

This area is very fancy and rich. Lots of restaurants and love motels all around. This is a HOW-TO decoration.

Now you try!

Then there was the usual clowning around.

Up to the upper crust with the English.

What do we do next?

What do we do next?

Lets play darts and make airplanes for Jeju Air.

Love birds in Busan.

We are engineers after all.

This is the plane we will be building.

Airplane making contest.

Now does it fly and where it lands that is where you go for free.

Where it lands on the map on the floor that is where you go.

To close we present two odd pictures. Here is Rodrigo with the other staff at Jeju air. Then there is Giulia doing something with an egg.

Rodrigo and colleagues at Jeju air.

Giulia will explain, it is something Italian.

An egg and a ball. A happening by Giulia Canton.

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