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Independence Palace, Nov 8, 2011. Vietnamese traditional art and music and more.

by on November 13, 2011

The Independence Palace in Saigon.

The Independence Palace.

The Palace was the home  of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War and the site of the handover of power during the Fall of Saigon on in 1975. The palace was built on the original site of the French governor’s headquarters called  the Norodom  Palace (completed in   1873) . After 1954, President NgoDinh  Diem  of the Sai Gon administration lived and worked in the Norodom Palace. In February 1963, a dissident of the Diem regime   launched  an  air bombardment  of  the palace and heavily damaged it. Diem decided to demolish the damaged  structure  and   erected  a  new one  (designed  by Western-trained architect NgoViet Thu). The construction was completed in 1966. At 11:30 on April 30, 1975, tanks  of the Liberation Army  overran  the   palace.   In December    1975,    the    palace    was    the  venue  of  a  consultative  conference   for  national reunification. To  mark  the   historical    significance   of   that  event, the building was renamed Hoi Truong Thong Nhat.

In the video below I have concentrated on traditional Vietnamese Music and Art that can be found at the Palace. Click the image to play the video.

Traditional Art and Music in Vietnam


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