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Mechurido (Quail Island): Boar Hunting and Fishing and Oido-Korea

by on November 11, 2011

Prof. Unchung Cho from KPU invited me to Mechurido (Quail Island) and Oido  on November 5, 2011. Here is a map in case you do not know where Oido and Mechurido are.

My trip route today.

Here is a picture of the mudflats you see on your way to Mechurido.

Tidal flats around Oido.

Here are some boars (big ones) in an enclosure. A boar hunter/fisher trains dogs here to hunt these boars.

Boars in Mechurido

This is the Korean boar hunter/fisher.

Korean fisher boar hunter.

Here he is restraining a Russian wolf. He breeds those with some Korean dogs to make them into fierce boar hunters.

Russian wolf.

Some food before we go on the boat to fish in the Yellow Sea.

Unchung Cho with friends before we go fishing.

On the boat.

Fishing in the Yellow Sea.

On Mechurido (Quail Island).

On Quail Island -

Before heading back we stopped for a great dinner in Oido.

Seafood restaurant row in Oido.

With thanks to Unchung Cho.

Unchung Cho- coming back from fishing.

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