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Tehran, Carpets—July 2011

by on October 13, 2011

I will put a couple of posts up about Tehran in the coming days. Unless one visits a country it is impossible to get an idea of how it really is to live there. I am not naive about all the problems that Iranians  face and I read a lot about Iran’s history  and I have several Iranian students and colleagues to talk to.  The US media are  totally misleading and useless to gain an insight  into Iran or any other foreign country for that matter (it costs money to visit a foreign country  so they have Beck to rant about it instead).  In this case the political atmosphere between the US and Iran is so charged  that one does not even dare to say anything positive. But then there are some  very positive things to say about  Tehran (that is the only place I visited sofar in Iran): perhaps the most hospitable people you will ever meet, more spiritual than I had expected, smart and enterprising, proud about their culture and actually quite American in outlook (much more so than say Malaysia or even Turkey–yes Turkey!). There are bad apples everywhere —sometimes they win or steal elections, that is no reason to punish a whole country.

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  1. thanks for the post it was an enjoyable read, i do understand what your talking about but to get a true understanding you do need to visit the country.

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