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Waking up?

by on October 6, 2011

The protests around the US against the money manipulators  are heart warming.If greed is your philosophy you cannot go back and urge restraint from the victims of your greed and expect not to be exposed.

The Republicans and their banker friends sold out the country. It was all about deregulations and sending jobs abroad while preaching patriotism and invading other countries. For what? Nothing was being produced except Wall street billionaires that have contributed nothing of value to the US or the world. Are Americans finally realizing they have been duped in a major way? I hope so but I am far from certain. With news media such as Fox and CNN there is very little hope for critical unbiased analysis. Only money gets the word out so who will win?

In the mean time congratulations on those that dared to hit the streets.

From Seoul, Korea.

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