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The Ulju Odyssey, Ganwoljae, Shinbul Mountain

by on October 4, 2011

On Sunday Oct 2 the Ulju Culture & Art Center Ulju and Ulju Facilities Management Corporation organized the Ulju Odyssey on the Shinbul Mountain. The director of the Ulju Culture & Art Center is Ms Hwang Jee Ae. The project on the Mountain was under the leadership of Mr Oh Man Seok and Ms Jung Suh Kim did the PR coordination. Below is a picture of the pampas fields on Shinbul Mountain where the event took place.

Pampas grass on mount Shinbul

With colleagues from UNIST we started hiking up the mountain at around 10:45 am. You see the happy faces below.

All smiles

All smiles before we knew we were going up the wrong peak. Giulia in the lead.

Once we reached the top far below were the fabled Eulalia fields where the concert was! As you can see smiles were a bit frozen (see photo). We felt accomplished to know we had reached the highest point using the steepest climb. It took us till 3:15 pm to reach the concert grounds.


Oops, wrong peak no concert on the back of a dinosaur's back.

On the way down towards the concert. Some of us were running to still see the end of the show.

Concert, pampas

Yes there is the concert, in the pampas fields.

Luckily the show was still on. There was a famous Korean piano genius, Lim Dong-Chang, playing and people dancing and singing around him.

piano man

Korean famous piano man: Lim Dong-Chang.

The kites were unbelievably long. I never saw such thing. By this time it started getting a bit colder and people started leaving but the kites warmed our hearts.


I am proud of this shot.

And another kite.



A television crew did interview me and I made a good plug for UNIST. I also suggested they video-tape Salar Soroori playing the daf. Great success! Wish we could see the tape.


Salar plays the daf on mount Shinbul.

Then we were so lucky that the people from the Ulju Culture & Art Center were willing to take us in their car down the mountain. Better yet they invited us to dinner with local dignitaries and other guests from the concert. The mayor of Ulju-gun, Mr. Shin Jang-Yul was there and so was Joung-Hoon, Lee CEO of Samchang and the son of Doo Chul Lee, the first chairman of UNIST. The Director of the Ulju-gun Facilities Management Corporation, Lee Sun-Bum, was there also. And then there was the high-spirited cartoonist Jae Dong Park, the genius piano player, a famous tenor singer and many, many more artists. Here is a view of the dinner table.

Dinner with Ulju dignitaries and guests.

It was nice to meet Joung-Hoon Lee a true friend of UNIST. He was very happy to see a UNIST group at this event.He supports a project with Prof. Shin on graphene at UNIST.


Joung-Hoon, Lee the CEO of Samchang and dedicated UNIST friend.

Here is a picture of the mayor of Ulju with the star of the event the genius piano player, Lim Dong-Chang.

Piano genius Lim Dong-Chang and mayor Shin Jang-Yul of Ulju.

Professor Jae Dong Park was drawing everyone. It takes him about 3 minutes to finish a drawing. All the while he talks and asks questions of everyone.

Jae Dong Park, the famous cartoonist.

Professor Park was so generous with his time, here he is talking and sketching Helen and Brendan. He was convinced that the UNIST group was from another planet.

Jae Dong Park draws Helen and Brendan.

The tenor and a very young girl were singing later that evening.  Salar played again and ended up on the piano as well.

The singing of the Korean girl reminded me of Chinese opera. It was the first time I somehow could appreciate the sound. I think she was not more than fourteen but had an incredible voice.

Korean traditional singer

Excellent traditional Korean singer.

Here is the Korean tenor going at it. Like the other performers he got a drawing from Prof. Park after finishing.

The tall Korean tenor.

Salar playing the daf again. The instrument seems totally unknown in Korea. The daf is a Persian type of tambourine.


Salar on the Persian daf.

The young Korean drummers. who earlier in the day had played music with Salar. are looking on as he plays some classical music.


Salar Soroori from UCI on the piano.

Before we left for UNIST Prof. Park made a sketch of myself, Salar and Giulia. I think Giulia and Salar are a lot better looking in person. I am about right here.

Salar Soroori, Marc Madou and Giulia Canton

The Ulju Management company dropped us of at UNIST. Salar entertained Prof. Park during the ride home. Till the next post.

Till next post with Jae Dong Park.

If Ms Jung Suh Kim allows me, I will put a picture of her here!

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  1. Really nice pictures !!

    Especially, Mr. Park’s pen drawing ! 😀


    S’il vous plaît.

    Je ne voudrais pas montrer ma photo sur le site. ^_~.

    À bientôt !

  2. Thanks Ms Kim. Je vais pas monter ta photo alors. Thanks for organizing this great evening for me and my students.

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